Your First Hot 26 Class

  • Aim to arrive 20 minutes before your first class to allow enough time to register and be orientated at the Studio. As a first time student you have the option of the Introductory Offer. (Look on prices & offers page)
  • We provide Yoga Mats at a charge of £1 per class however you are welcome to bring your own.
  • You will need:- two large towels (one for class and one for showering), a large bottle of water, your yoga clothes. However we have towels, coconut water and water to purchase.
  • Start your class hydrated; try to drink at least 1-2 litres of water 24hrs prior to your class, take water in the class and re-hydrate sufficiently afterwards.
  • Do not eat a big meal 2 hours before class.
  • Try to come regularly, to acclimatise and within 10 days you will see and feel a huge difference!
  • We ask that you stay in the room for the full 90 minutes.
  • Practice in silence.
  • Only drink water in between postures.
  • Pace yourself and take it easy, sit down whenever you feel you need to.

Hot 26 (Bikram Yoga) is more like a marathon than a 100m sprint and it will take a few classes to get used to. Once you have adjusted to the heat and your body has gone through the initial opening up and detoxification stages you will start feeling the incredible health benefits this miraculous system offers. At first it is completely normal to feel a bit daunted by this yoga but remember thousands of people have been through the hardest beginning stages before you and they will attest to the amazing results.

A guide to Hot Bikram Yoga
It takes time for this yoga to come into your life. The postures are always the same but you are different both physically and mentally every time you practise so you need to recognise this and work with it to achieve the goal of yoga – a harmonious union of mind, body and breath.

Stay in your Breath
The breath is the thread that ties your practice together. Breathing in and out through the nose is your body’s natural way to help you stay present, calm, focused and in control. Lose your breath and you lose your practice. Stay connected to your breath at all times and it will become your teacher, telling you what you can do and helping to guide you through your practice.

Focus on your Alignment
Without proper alignment depth of the posture is irrelevant. First focus on getting the correct alignment of the posture and when you have achieved this, the depth will come naturally. Try not to be concerned by where anyone else is in the class this is your yoga practice and no one else.

Stay in your Stillness
When you come out of a posture bring yourself back into your stillness. You will probably feel the urge to fidget or wipe away the sweat but if you focus on breathing calmly and stay in your stillness instead (however intense it gets) you will build clarity, focus, confidence and control into your practice and ultimately your life.

Please respect the etiquette of the Studio whenever possible by staying in the room for the whole 90 mins, practising in silence and only drinking in between postures.

Parking Around the Studio
We offer free parking. Although parking is free, it can be a little difficult to park during the morning classes from Monday to Friday. We have a dedicated offroad carpark opposite the “Nelson Club” (On the corner of Wharf Street & Charles Street). To park on these grounds you will need to have a “Evolation Yoga” sticker visible on the back window of your car. These stickers can be given to you from the studio front desk. If you dont have a sticker, you will get clamped. This is the last thing you want after having such a fab class.

Evenings and weekends you can park on the large Emscote Mill car park.

Of course street parking is available around the immidiate area of the studio anytime, anyday!

“Yoga maintains youth, it keeps the body full of vitality and immune to diseases even at old age” Bikram Choudhury

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