Warm Vinyasa Flow

Warm Vinyasa Flow is a creative style of yoga practised in a gently-heated room. In this style of yoga the postures flow together and are synchronised with the breath. This cultivates a calm and steady mind as the mind’s attention is focused on the mind and the breath. It also allows students to experience a dynamic, flowing practice.

The class is set to music with playlists to encourage flow, synchronising breath and movement with the rhythm of the music.

The room will be warm, gently heated suitable for students who want to experience some warmth but not the intensity of a hot yoga class.

The heat has several health benefits including healing body tissues, improving circulation, detoxifying and even boosting collagen levels in the skin. The gentle heat will improve flexibility and joint mobility.

This class will leave you feeling energised but also nourished and nurtured by the warmth. Sessions will end with a cool down and time to rest deeply in relaxation.

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