Warm Power Flow Yoga

The Power Flow Yoga class perfectly combines flowing vinyasa sequences with more static practices like the Hot 26. The structure of the class is designed to build strength and flexibility with an emphasis on upper body and core strength. Flowing sequences promote grace and stability while longer holds develop strength. The class is held in a heated room, so the heat warms up the body allowing you to stretch into the asanas (postures) safely while at the same time aiding detoxification and increasing the cardiovascular element of the class. Our Power Flow class is “Chaturanga” free to allow you to work on your alignment and focus on the integrity of flowing from one pose to the other safely. Our Power Flow class sequence changes every few months to ensure that the needs of both body and mind are met. Expect planks, sun salutations, warriors, hip openers and the option to include gentle arm balances.  You may leave class feeling physically and mentally cleansed.

This class is great all-round class for all levels. It is great to try if you are used to a Hot 26 practice and want to experiment with different styles in the heat. It’s also perfect if you’re used to more flowing Vinyasa classes and want to try something with a little heat.

Power Flow class is 75 minutes long. All ability levels welcome. Classes are held in a gently heated warm room (temperature 26-32 °C). This class is with music.

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